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Fax2Go is a leading provider of innovative, efficient, and incredibly easy to use fax-to-email and email-to-fax in an instant. We support a premium unparalleled web-based fax centralized server infrastructure. Our core technology makes converting fax to email effortless and is absolutely user friendly. We deliver a secure, flexible, reliable and optimum fax management platform that assures quality service.

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Fax to Email

Technology has progressed immensely with the dawn of smart-tech age. Gone are the days of fighting with unreliable, inept and expensive fax machines. Fax to Email solutions allows users to send and receive faxes across the globe with ease and at your own convenience. Interweb transactions are the future in business correspondence. Faxes no longer require a separate device to function, but can be sent right to your desired mail inbox to be viewed at liberty. All you need do is register with us and we will provide you with a unique programmed fax number in sync with your email address. Once set up, you gain access to faxes instantly via mail with Fax2Go.

Email to Fax

Fax2Go offers clients complete flexibility and comfort with the ability to manage faxes right from an email inbox. Enjoy the autonomy of faxing important documents in matter of seconds to both international and local fax numbers. Eliminate the use of cumbersome fax machines and avoid the need for a fixed phone line as well. Manage all important official and personal faxing requirements through a centralized single point application program. Send multiple faxes to the various numbers at once, with the added benefit of screening your documents before sending them across.

Print to Fax

Using a Fax2Go printer couldn’t be easier. Incredible software in print to fax allows user to convert documents from your PC to faxes that can be sent to any fax number across the world. Preview faxes before you send them across, and better manage your important correspondence by synchronizing your list of contact with your fax printer. Print a fax with the printer wizard in a matter of seconds. 

Product Highlights

  • A free service, Fax2Go provides unlimited incoming faxes.
  • Zero costs or fees to setup or account management.
  • Register any amount of free unique fax numbers as required.
  • Keep data secure through ensured reliable delivery.
  • Send and receive faxes instantly to anyplace from anywhere in the world.
  • Handle and fax large documents efficiently.

For all your fax-related requirements, get in touch with us at Fax2Go today!

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Picasa - Free image viewer / library
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