How to send a fax from your email address

Email to Fax Rates

# Open up your email program with the email account that is registered on our system (if you have multiple)

# Compose a new email

# In the "To" box of the email, you enter the fax number you want to send a fax to, followed by ""

# Do not make use of the "CC" or "BCC" fields as this will cause the fax to fail

# The "Subject" of the email you enter your own personal subject. This is saved on the FaxFX system for easy identification

# The coverpage of the fax will be the "Body" of the email, if the body is empty, there will be no coversheet

# Now you can attach the files you would like to send
(Click here for a list of all the supported file formats)

# Send the email, when our server receives it you will get a submitted notification
For information on the fax out notifications you will be receiving click here

Supported file formats for email to fax

File format File extension
Portable document format .pdf
Graphics Interchange Format (Not animated) .gif
Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpg / .jpeg
Portable Network Graphics .png
Windows Bitmap .bmp
Hypertext Markup Language .htm / .html
Plain text .txt
Extended markup language .xml
Comma seperated values .csv
Tagged Image File Format .tiff / .tif
Rich text format .rtf
Microsoft Office Word 2000 - 2003 .doc
Microsoft Office Excel 2000 - 2003 .xls
Microsoft Office Publisher 2000 - 2003 .pub
Microsoft Office Power Point 2000 - 2003 .pps
Microsoft Office Word 2007 .docx
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 .xlsx
Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 .ppsx
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 .pubx
Open Office Document .odt
Open Office Spreadsheet .ods
Open Office Presentation .odp

Please note that animated GIF's is NOT supported an will cause an error when trying to send a fax.